Intergenerational Center Activities

Corte Madera residents may obtain a "Gold Membership" with a $15 tax-deductible donation to Age-Friendly Solutions, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization that supports The Center. The Gold Membership entitles the member to attend any and all classes and programs at the Intergenerational Center at no cost, through 2018. Residents outside of Corte Madera may obtain a "Silver Membership" for a $25 donation, entitling them to the same privileges.

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New Programs at The Center

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ART FOR KIDS meets every Wednesday from 2:00-4:00. Debra Maddox, renowned artist and instructor provides an afternoon of fun projects and artistic enrichment for kids. Make it a play date for those minimum days! School aged children,  2nd -8th grades. Projects will be age-appropriate

THE MAKERSPACE, equipped with 3D Printers, Carvey, X-Carve and a Laser Cutter is open every Thursday, from 3:30 to 5:30. Come with ideas, collaborate, have fun, explore options and be creative!! Charles Sowers, designer and builder of displays at the Exploratorium, will teach and inspire, every Thursday. 4th through 12th grades and adults up to 110! Everyone's a Maker!

If there is a class you'd like to see offered at the Intergenerational Center, please let us know. Just drop into The Center, call 991-4040 or email  This schedule will be updated when the need arises. Please check back for NEW classes and any time changes!

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Please feel free to drop into The Center to join in the activities or just to see what's going on. 


Introductory Offer!

Corte Madera Residents: A $15 tax-deductible donation to Age-Friendly Solutions entitles you to a Gold Pass Membership. With your Gold Pass, you may attend any and all of the classes at no charge for 2018.

Non- Corte Madera Residents: A $25 tax-deductible donation to Age-Friendly Solutions entitles you to a Silver Pass with the same benefits!

Without a Gold or Silver Pass, each class session is $10.  Save your money and make a donation in exchange for a Pass!